Our Property
We are located very close to the Harbour Bridge exits, making it convenient for both directions.

Digital Video & Safety Protocols
Family Ties Play Care is equipped with 16 cameras (the first in Saint John) providing video surveillance throughout the facility and playgrounds.

Every room in our facility (excluding bathrooms) has a video camera which tapes continuously and stores video for up to one month. The cameras are not available to view online but instead can be viewed from the office at Family Ties Play Care. We feel this will give you tremendous peace of mind when leaving children in our care.

The facility and afterschool program also have security locked doors for which parents will be provided with an access card to swipe in, this feature allows us to know who is coming through our doors at all times.

Each room where children spend their days is equipped with a direct fire exit door to the outside, the location also has a sprinkler system that is also wired into an active fire alarm panel. The larger rooms also have two cameras in them for more coverage.

Educator to Child Ratios
Family Ties Play Care maintains the following ratios:

1 educator: 3 infants age 12-24 months
1 educator: 5 two year olds
1 educator: 8 three year olds
1 educator: 10 four year olds
1 educator: 15 five to twelve year olds (after schoolers)

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