Our pricing levels will be the following as of November 7th, 2021

Full Time Only1
12 months to 24 months
     $206.00 per full time week
     $41.20 per day

2 Year Olds
     $183.50 per full time week
     $36.70 per day

3 Year Olds
     $170.00 per full time week
     $34.00 per day

4 & 5 Year Olds
     $159.65 per full time week
     $31.93 per day

After School Program
$22.00 a day for afterschool care

$24.00 a day for afterschool and early morning care

$28.00 per full day (snow days, etc.)

$20.00 for requested van service from surrounding schools

Transportation Fees
$25.00 per week

Morning Service Fees
$15.00 per week

All payments are to be made at Family Ties, weekly or bi-weekly. Payments can also be paid by debit at the daycare or by e-transfer. No cheques or cash.

Families with two or more children registered receive a $10.00 weekly dicount from your total daycare amount. This only applies to full time children at Family Ties Play Care and After School Centre.

For current pricing, please call or ask at the office.

1A minimum of 3 full days, weekly, for ages 2 & up.

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